This Saturday, January seventh, the First Robotics Competition revealed the 2017 game: Steamworks! Team 2478 along with many other Arizona teams, including 13 rookie teams,came together and watched the game video reveal at a Kick Off event at Central High School. It was full of excitement and eager eyes! After the kick off event, some […]

3…2…1…Kick Off! And The Race Begins! Week Of Jan 07-17

Westwood High School had it’s Home Coming Tail-Gate this Friday! We decided to sell water bottles, it is Arizona after all. Anyway, It was so much fun! We got to talk about our team a little bit, laugh, and overall just have a really good time. Here’s a few action shots:          […]

Home Coming Tail-Gate! Week Of 9-22-16

In order to get our new members more familiar with the FIRST Robotics Competition, we held a mock FRC kick off, using the 2013 Ultimate Ascent Game Reveal Video. After watching the video, everyone got into groups and started brainstorming how they would solve the challenges presented. This was a chance for veterans and Club […]

Intro To FRC – Week Of 9-15-16

We’re back! It is a new school year and we are back in gear, along with outreach, and engaging in our community, our focus for this first semester will be on the VRC and ZERO Robotics, as well as training new members for the FRC season in the spring. With that in mind, we had […]

A New School Year – Week Of 9-8-16

What a busy season, we are finally publishing our 206 CAD notebook in PDF format.  This project was completely designed using SOLIDWORKS and this notebook represents the culmination of hundreds of hours of design time and many revisions. If you would like the SOLIDWORKS versions please use the contact us form for a copy request. […]

Our 2016 CAD Notebook…..take a look!

How about that! Climbing the tower of success again.  Ready for AZ West!  

Climbing to success

Long delayed post but excited just the same!  We are eager to compete this week at the AZ West Regional with lots of practice and many improvements!

Its in the bag….

As the season’s clock ticks on, 2478 is working nonstop on our robot. The first week involved lots of brainstorming drive train and pickup with this past week focused on prototyping our parts.

2 Weeks Down

Today, the 2016 FRC season officially kicked off with the worldwide broadcast of the challenge. In Arizona, multiple teams attended an event hosted by Central High School, buzzing with excitement for the new game. The broadcast opened with a comedic Monty Python and the Holy Grail parody in the theme of medieval times. As usual, […]

The Game Begins!

After months of preparation, the time of competition has finally come. Last Saturday, on December 4, 2015, Westwood Robotics hosted its first VEX Robotics tournament with 19 teams putting their hard work into play. Westwood Robotics members and volunteers worked together to arrange and run the day, and both middle and high school VEX teams […]

VEX Tournament