Intro To FRC – Week Of 9-15-16

Intro To FRC – Week Of 9-15-16

In order to get our new members more familiar with the FIRST Robotics Competition, we held a mock FRC kick off,
using the 2013 Ultimate Ascent Game Reveal Video.

After watching the video, everyone got into groups and started brainstorming how they would solve the challenges
presented. This was a chance for veterans and Club Officers to answer many of the questions our newcomers had:


20160915_163931    20160915_163732

20160915_163636    20160915_163707


After brainstorming, groups volunteered to present the ideas they came up with:


20160915_164501    20160915_164532


This activity was a huge success for everyone and we’re all very excited to continue our learning as we approach
and tackle greater challenges in FIRST Robotics!

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