The Game Begins!

Today, the 2016 FRC season officially kicked off with the worldwide broadcast of the challenge. In Arizona, multiple teams attended an event hosted by Central High School, buzzing with excitement for the new game. The broadcast opened with a comedic Monty Python and the Holy Grail parody in the theme of medieval times. As usual, integral FRC members spoke with interviewers, and sponsors were thanked, but the robotics crowd emitted the electricity of anticipation. Months before, the organization released an animated teaser which involved knights and castles, but the mystery still remained. Finally, Stronghold's rules were released in its multi-faceted, complex glory. As soon as the rules video ended, teams burst to each other  in immediate thoughts, strategies, and concerns. The game has begun. 2478 spent the rest of our day understanding how the game functions and developing basic strategies and methods for overcoming the multitude of obstacles. We are looking forward to another wonderful season.