VEX Tournament

Vex Tournament Match After months of preparation, the time of competition has finally come. Last Saturday, on December 4, 2015, Westwood Robotics hosted its first VEX Robotics tournament with 19 teams putting their hard work into play. Westwood Robotics members and volunteers worked together to arrange and run the day, and both middle and high school VEX teams displayed their prowess in this year's game, Nothing But Net. After 29 rounds of qualification, 6 seed teams were chosen, and elimination rounds were off. All of the robots competed to the best of their abilities, but the winner came to be the first seeded team of 6461Z Team Shockwave, 6323Z Lightning Robotics, and 5405G Team EuroBot. Rookie team 2478A Westwood Robotics also won their first prize, the Excellence Award. Congratulations to all of these teams, and good job to everybody else who participated!